Therapy is often thought of as something that is useful or necessary only when a certain level of discomfort or difficulty has been reached.  On the contrary, we believe that therapy is for everyone.  Life presents us with a wide range of challenges, and most often we make it through them just fine on our own. However, many people find that talking to someone supportive, honest, and uninvolved helps them to not only survive those challenges, but to find something beneficial within them. We work with our clients to increase their flexibility, coping, and sense of hope, while encouraging them to uncover meaning in their difficulties, and to take those lessons with them into the next challenge that life will undoubtedly offer.




Relationships + Parenting

While our relationships are often what brings us the most joy in life, they are also often where we experience our greatest challenges.  Relationships with our families, parents, in-laws, significant others, and co-workers can be complicated in terms of both our feelings about them and how we should best navigate them. Becoming or being a parent is no different. Expecting a child, adjusting to a new child, or an old pro – regardless of your stage of parenting, there are challenges that follow.  We have worked extensively with clients experiencing challenges in their relationships, to not only be a support but also to help with creating solutions that can benefit everyone when necessary.



Anxiety + Depression

Life has its ups and downs. Anxiety, depression, uncertainty, confusion, and general unhappiness often naturally follow from adjustments and changes – no matter how big or small.  Whether the cause of your feelings is clear to you or not, therapy can help. In our experience, while you are not unusual in experiencing such struggles, you are unique in how they feel to you. Therapy can give you a space to focus on what’s bothering you, and try some clear solutions to help while life continues on around you.



Trauma + Grief

If you have experienced something particularly painful, and it continues to affect your life and functioning, it may help to have a private place to talk about it. Research shows that most people cope well with stressful life events. However, some of us can take a little longer to return to feeling “normal”. Whether something recent or in the distant past, a single event or an ongoing experience, if you are feeling alone, isolated, afraid, lost, or anxious, we can help. We have worked with many individuals who are living with the effects of trauma and loss. We understand you might feel that nothing will help.  You may be surprised how much therapy can do.


And if what you are struggling with isn’t listed specifically, don’t worry. We have truly enjoyed working with a wide variety of unique clients and issues and look forward to working successfully with you, too.